Pro-Level Tips for DIY Headshots

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Unfortunately, this is pretty common. You visit a team page, and you think, “What is going on here?!?” Photos are cropped differently, backgrounds are all over the place, and the lighting is inconsistent. 

It feels like one of those posters from 4th grade where everyone brings in a photo from home. It certainly doesn’t feel like a cohesive team! And, it immediately makes the business feel less professional.

Screenshot of an advisor team page where the photos don't match. Text reads: These people work together? Are you sure about that?

So, what can you do about it?

Use these tips to make sure your team photos are professional and cohesive!

Ideally, you’d hire a professional photographer, and bring them in annually to refresh old photos and add new employees. But, not everyone has the budget for that. So these tips will give you some guidance if you are handling the photography yourselves!

Hopefully these tips will give you the direction you need to create a winning team page where your photos look professional AND cohesive!

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