Hi I'm Manda

Nice to meet you!

Hi I'm Manda

Nice to meet you!

Manda Szewczyk


I’m Manda Szewczyk – an award-winning web designer and marketing expert using my unique skillset to turn your website into a marketing machine.

While most designers focus on making websites pretty, I concentrate on creating sites that turn visitors into clients. My websites are centered around your goals — because it doesn’t matter how pretty a website is if it’s not doing its job!

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my dogs, and my horse. I like drawing, running, reading, music, and just chilling outdoors.

If you think I can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out

My Background:


When I started out as a designer, the money wasn’t great. So, I bartended Fridays and Saturdays. I made more money in those two nights than I made all week as a full-time designer.


If you really want to tick me off, don’t tip (or tip poorly) when we go out to eat. If you never want me to talk to you again, park in a handicap spot.


When I was four and wanted a pony, my mom made me prove I was responsible by taking care of the cow first. I fed the cow, brushed the cow, and rode the cow. Her name was Honey Girl. And that’s why I don’t eat beef.


I went to school in Chicago and have spent most of my working life there. I’m a country mouse AND a city mouse and I love that I get to be both.


I read the daily comics. I follow about 50 strips. I have so much respect for the artists who deliver that level of quality (drawing, humor, storytelling) every single day for decades.


I think cake is the most disappointing of the deserts. It almost always looks better than it tastes. Unless my mom made it. Her cakes are perfection.


I’m a secret illustrator on the side. I make fun stuff for kids. It feels good to bring a little joy into the world. No amount of success will ever top handing a preschooler a sticker.


I feel extremely lucky to spend my days doing work that I love. But I owe a lot of my success to the loving and supportive people I have around me. Some of you are reading this. Thank you 💜


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