My Process

for web design projects

My Process

for web design projects

Every website goes through the same process.

I’ve been using this process for years to:


Discovery Call & Sales Pitch

This is a 60-90 minute call where you’ll give me the same sales pitch that you give your prospects on your sales calls. You’ll tell me about your services, ask me questions, and explain how you can help me – just as if I was a potential client.

Why? Because most often, it’s those sales calls where you shine. And there is almost always a gap between the way you are selling yourself in person and the way you are selling yourself on your website. I want to fix that.

Manda Szewczyk
Screenshot of a website structure example

Website Structure

Based on our conversation, I’ll put together a basic structure for your website. This is a guide to show what your pages will be, and what kind of content will live on each page.

Screenshot of a website structure example

Content & Wireframes

Think of wireframes as blueprints. They show you where everything goes – but they don’t include any images, color, or design elements.

This is probably the most important part of the entire project. It’s where we decide what your messaging will be, how your content will be organized on each page, and which content is most important. We’re also thinking about how your visitors will move through your website. Every decision is made with your goals in mind!



Moodboards help us to get on the same page when it comes to the overall look and feel for your site. This step is especially important if you don’t already have a well-defined visual brand.



We’ve finally arrived at the fun part! This is where we’ll decide exactly what your site will look like. In this step I marry your wireframes and your final moodboard to design your website.

You may be surprised to find out there aren’t any revisions during this phase. That’s because every design decision is made for a reason. It’s not about your taste; it’s about making sure your site is helping you achieve your goals.

Desktop with an iPad and iPhone showing the website in both formats

Build & Test

Finally, I’ll build your mobile-friendly site and test it across devices. I’ll also set you up with Google Analytics, test your forms with you, and index your website with the search engines. After the launch, I’ll give you a tour so you know how to update your site on your own.

Desktop with an iPad and iPhone showing the website in both formats

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Web Design Projects

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Know My Plan provides advice and guidance to help their clients achieve their financial goals.

Corey Walen

Corey is an advisor to advisors – providing guidance as they decide to transition to a new IRA or broker dealer, negotiate their deal, and make the move.


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