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Website Coaching

Most web professionals won’t cover
EVERYTHING you need for your new site.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert to fill in the gaps?

Maybe you can’t afford to hire me to design and build your custom site, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of my expertise!

What does the
Power Your Site
Website Coaching program offer you?

Hand off with confidence

We’ll work together BEFORE you start your web project to make sure you’re setting your designer up for success.

Fill gaps with expertise

Your designer will have strengths – and weaknesses. Let me fill in where your designer lacks expertise.

Ongoing reviews and audits

You’ll have an expert working with you to recommend tweaks and improvements throughout the entire project.

How it works


Are we a
good fit?

Fill out a simple form and schedule a meet-and-greet with me to figure out if website coaching is right for you.


Getting to
know you

We’ll work together to define exactly what you do, who you help, and what your goals are for your website.


Creating the blueprint

We’ll start by organizing your site – deciding what your navigation looks like and what content belongs on each page.


and copy

Using the roadmap we created, we’ll fill in the messaging in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to understand what you’re saying.


Handing it off to your team

At this point we’ll package and deliver everything we’ve worked on together to your web team to ensure their success.



As your team works on the website, I’ll be available for reviews where I will provide expert guidance to refine and improve your website.

What are we focused on?

Each session is completely custom – depending on your needs and goals – but these are just some of the areas we’ll be covering:

Why should you trust me?

I have an extremely unique combination of experience and skills:

But most importantly, I love to teach. I love to help. I love to find solutions to tough problems. And I love building beautiful websites that do their jobs!

What you can expect

What you should NOT expect

What do you need to be a good fit?

Power Your Site Website Coaching

6 one-on-one consults with me – to add expertise to your web team.
We’ll all work together to build you the most effective site possible!

6 1-on-1 sessions: $1,799*

* For a limited time. Prices will go up in early 2024.

Too expensive for your budget?

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a 20-minute chat with me to:

Ask me anything!

Receive the 6-week syllabus

Decide if it feels like a good fit

  • Ask me anything!
  • Receive the 6-week syllabus
  • Decide if it feels like a good fit