Your website may be working but

Is it doing its job?

Your website may be working but

Is it doing its job?

Your website is your first impression.

How can you make sure your site is sending the right message?

A website audit is a great place to start.

I find the disconnect between what your website is doing, and what you WANT your website to be doing, and make recommendations for improvements.

Some common problems I find are:

Once I determine your website’s weaknesses, I complete my audit with an outline of specific recommended fixes to solve your problems and vastly improve your site.

My concentration is on:

How does a website audit work?

I will do a cold audit of your site – go in with no prior knowledge of your company – to experience your site as a potential customer would.

We’ll meet virtually so that you can give me a sales presentation – as you would a prospective customer – so I can really learn about your company and products. This will also give me an opportunity to ask any follow-up questions I may have following the cold audit.

I will perform the full audit of your site (with or without analytics, depending on the package you choose) – looking for areas of weakness and for gaps between your sales presentation messaging and your web experience. I want your website to be easy to use, I want it to be doing its job, and I want it to be saying the right things to the right audience. This process usually takes a week or two, depending on the size of your site.

We’ll meet again, this time for me to present your team with my findings and my recommendations for improvement. You won’t just walk away with a list of things that you need to fix, I’ll also provide concrete solutions – along with examples and mock-ups for clarity.

You can decide where to go from here! You can work with your in-house team, vendor, or web company to implement the changes you agree with – using my presentation as your guide.


You should be constantly evaluating and improving your website. I’d recommend you have your site audited every or every-other-year.

This is a UX/UI audit. It covers the user experience – how people move through your site, and how your website is communicating with and working for your audience.

This audit does not cover SEO, accessibility, or finding errors (non-working buttons, broken links, redirect issues, etc.) These are separate specialities.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to talk about working with me on a website audit, please find me on LinkedIn!