Peer Showcase: Directing Users to Audience Specific Content

Manda Szewczyk

Manda Szewczyk

Designer and marketing consultant focused on Investment Services

Many of us are working with multiple audiences. How do we filter out and direct those users to the content meant specifically for them? Turns out there are a lot of effective ways to accomplish this! Check out the samples below for inspiration.

Aberdeen Standard users land on a general company site and must choose a country from the navigation drop-down. Once a country has been chosen, users are presented with a full page of options to direct them toward the most suitable content.

Can’t-miss options are provided to the right of the theatre at the top of the American Century site. This is the “corporate” section of the website and offers general information about the company.

Artisan users are presented with a compact but effective landing page which offers a doorway into audience-specific content for institutional investors, investment professionals, and individual investors, while also offering links to company information and recent blog posts.

The BlackRock site defaults to Individual Investors, but a drop-down offers additional options with clear descriptions.

Capital Group starts users out on a landing page where they can choose a personalized path and adjust their location.

The Charles Schwab site defaults to the individual investor content, but offers a menu on the lower homepage to navigate to the advisor, investment professional, and employer sites.

Cohen & Steers offers a can’t miss menu at the top of their homepage to help direct users to the appropriate content.

The Columbia Threadneedle site defaults to the Financial Professionals site, but offers a drop-down menu at the top of the page for specific user types.

The Federated Hermes site includes a basic navigation, recent blog posts, and featured content like podcasts and whitepapers. The role menu at the top is open – assuring it won’t be overlooked.

Franklin Templeton also offers an obvious menu at the top of their homepage to help users choose a path.

The Goldman Sachs site defaults users to their insights/blog area. Three large buttons underneath the feature area invite users to choose a path.

Guggenheim Investments offers a general company site with the option to choose a user path both in the upper navigation and underneath the featured area. Descriptors clarify each option.

Invesco takes new users to a simple landing page where they can select their region and role. 

Matthews Asia kept it simple with two drop-downs in the upper navigation for region and user type. 

MFS presents first-time users with a simple landing page where they can choose their location and role.

The Natixis site defaults to the individual investor content and offers a link to the Institutional site in the upper navigation.

Nuveen defaults users to their Financial Professional site, but when you choose the green Financial Professional drop-down in the upper left, you are presented with the page below – allowing you change user types if needed.

First-time users are directed to a landing page where they can choose their location and role or navigate to public pages on the PGIM Investments site.

Principal Funds visitors are greeted with a general informational page. Links within the blue navigation at the top direct users to targeted content for each user type.

Thornburg offers navigation under their feature area to direct users to their specialized content.

T. Rowe Price brings first-time users to their corporate page offering company information and clear navigation to their other websites targeted toward specific user types.

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