Dealing with Multiple Audiences: Industry Showcase

Not everyone has the luxury of creating individual websites for individual target audiences. How do you make sure that advisors visiting your website see the content meant for advisors? How do you split your audiences swiftly and easily upon their first visit to your site?

The industry seems to have landed on a few common solutions. You’ll have to decide which is right for you.

SOLUTION 1: Provide users with a splash page where they choose their own audience category. This decision is remembered for future visits, so as long as they are using the same device, they will not have to take this step more than once.

SOLUTION 2: Create a corporate micro-site that includes content that would be of interest to ALL of your audiences: a page outlining company details, a historical company timeline, a careers page, etc. Offer navigation for particular audience routes and let your visitor choose their path via their menu choice.

SOLUTION 3: Determine your main audience – the audience you most cater to – and design your website around that audience. Offer a navigation option for your secondary and tertiary audiences where they can see content specific to them.

Of course, there are other solutions – but these seem to be the most user-friendly, unobtrusive, and widely accepted.

Need some Inspiration?

Check out these peer samples to start your own discussion about what might work best for you.

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