Royce Investment Partners: Fund Overview Done Right

Manda Szewczyk

Manda Szewczyk

Designer and marketing consultant focused on Investment Services

Royce has obviously taken a user-focused approach to their product overview pages – giving potential investors the information they are most interested in upfront and in an easy-to-digest format.

Answering “why” gives potential investors – especially those new to investing – an overview of the product and its advantages. This is the first question we all ask, and the one we want answered most. Royce gives us this information in a prominent area we can’t miss.

Fund materials are organized and easy to find – dated with icons to show what type of content we’ll be getting when we click. NEW tags highlight recently posted materials. This simple chart contains common sense organization that alleviates all confusion on the part of the user.

This graphic chart is chock-full of information – and the formatting makes it a breeze to quickly skim and digest.

Take note of the Invest With Us button – not only is it prominent, but it answers two very important questions upfront.

Before we even begin to scroll, we have everything we need to make an educated decision about this fund.

Even the financial charts on this very informative page are well done. Take a look at this excellent interactive $10,000 chart – so many options, but so easy to use.

Most users are going to scroll – and scroll quickly – down a long page like this. Royce has made digesting their content even easier with summaries to the left of each chart.

Thoughtful decisions abound on the Royce product pages. The sticky sub-navigation, the drop-down investment class box, the “More on this Fund” section offering videos and commentary, and the large ticker and CUSIP information are just some of the additional user-friendly details on these pages.

Product pages always offer a design and planning challenge – with so much required information to squeeze onto a page or into a section. But, to a potential investor, these pages are everything. It’s where the research is done, and where the decisions are made. Royce obviously knows this and has taken the time to make these pages educational, informative, interesting, easy to digest, and most importantly user-friendly. Bravo!

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