Earth Day 2022: How the Investment Industry Celebrated

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

In celebration of Earth Day, our own Meera Pandit, CFA, Garrett Norman and Bryon Lake explore the latest investment opportunities in recycling and reuse—and how investors can access them through the JPMorgan Climate Change Solutions ETF (TEMP).


Why does #sustainability matter when we talk about financial well-being? Learn how the transition to #netzero is helping to benefit both the planet 🌎 and your wallet. #EarthDay #InvestInOurPlanet

Blue hydrogen has an important role to play in the energy transition. By putting our clients’ money to work in a new blue hydrogen facility in England, we’re helping to create #jobs and lower carbon emissions, benefiting people and our planet 🌎 #EarthDay #InvestInOurPlanet

This #EarthDay, we’re celebrating The BlackRock Foundation’s partnership with Generation to help job seekers from underrepresented communities across the UK, France and Spain unlock economic opportunity from the green transition. Learn more: 🌎

Financial Times

What if you were a global leader on a mission to cut carbon emissions to zero? For #EarthDay, play the FT’s climate game and see if you can save the planet 🌎

Morgan Stanley

Happy Earth Day! At Morgan Stanley, we focus on integrating sustainability into our core businesses and support functions every day. By 2030, we aim to have mobilized $1 trillion, complementing our commitment to facilitate the prevention, reduction and removal of 50 million metric tons of plastic waste from the environment and landfills. Learn more about Morgan Stanley’s efforts and progress towards a better world through sustainable solutions.

On #EarthDay, consider how you can make a difference. Our Head of Investing with Impact, Lily Trager, explains the role investors can play in combating the risks of climate change.

Putnam Investments

A sustainable future is too important to limit to #EarthDay. Guidance from our Sustainable Equity Team is a central part of Putnam’s equity investing process, every day.

We strive to foster a work environment where every person is respected, included, and encouraged to realize their potential. #EarthDay is a great reminder that those principles apply to how we treat the planet too.

We honor #EarthDay, even in the great indoors. Our Boston office is LEED Silver certified, part of our commitment to protecting resources and limiting waste.

T. Rowe Price

Long-term sustainability of our business – and the planet – requires forward-thinking environmental practices. Amy Beall, our head of Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Services shares how she and our firm are contributing to a low-carbon, low-waste world. #EarthDay #TRPAssociatesUS

State Street

At State Street, we believe addressing #ESG issues can help generate better long-term outcomes. Learn how we are investing in our planet – on #EarthDay and beyond.

Rick Lacaille, global head of ESG, examines how the Ukraine conflict may set decarbonization goals back in the short term, but it may boost net zero action in the long term. Learn more. #EarthDay #ESG #netzero


In honor of #EarthDay, our Beijing office partnered with Share the Care, an organization dedicated to planting trees. Colleagues made donations and planted 96 new oriental arbor-vitae trees in the Beijing suburbs. We thank the team for their generosity and commitment to protecting our planet. #LazardGreen #EarthDay2022 #Volunteering #Sustainability

Fidelity Investments

Are you passionate about sustainability? This #EarthDay we invite you to learn more about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.


Morningstar is proud to publish our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report, where we reflect on our commitment to sustainability both for investors and for our business.

What better time than #EarthDay to assess the sustainability of your investments and determine what ESG-related risks they potentially face.

Environmental factors are only one part of how ESG is changing how both companies and investors do business. Social and governance issues are now part of the equation, too. Our sustainability investing framework helps to better align and motivate to create a more personalized and improved investment strategy.

In honor of #EarthDay2022, we’re taking a closer look at how the food on our plate impacts the planet.

The food industry is a major contributor to #climatechange, accounting for:
🏭 25% of greenhouse gas emissions
🌲 80% of deforestation
💧 70% of water use
🌊 78% of ocean and freshwater pollution

Climate change affects everyone, from companies to individual investors. Explore our latest research on #sustainability, the future of food, and more.

Northern Trust Corporation

As we celebrate #EarthDay and our presence in Florida for more than 50 years, we’re proud to highlight a long-term partner, The Everglades Foundation, whose mission is to protect and restore America’s Everglades through science, advocacy and education. Read more about our relationship with the foundation and other Florida nonprofits.


This #EarthDay, the lights at Bloomberg LP HQ are shining green to honor the bold action governments, philanthropies, communities and businesses are taking to make real progress against climate change. And it’s also a reminder that there’s much more to be done – and we need to act now to build a safer, more sustainable future. #climatechange

At Bloomberg, every day is Earth Day. Through the Vibrant Oceans Initiative, we’re working to protect critical ocean resources for the health and livelihood of over 3 billion people around the world. Visit to see how we’re fighting climate change from every angle. #EarthDay #ImpactInAction

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