50 Website Heroes: Industry Showcase

The hero section is the most important part of your homepage. It’s the one area almost guaranteed to be seen by your web visitors. Let’s take a look at what your industry peers are doing with this space. What is the most common type of content in the hero area?


Who We Are | What We Do

42% of the samples are using this section as an ad space or a mini about section to let users know about the company and its services.


Thought Leadership

36% of the samples are using their hero to promote an article, white paper, podcast, survey, or other piece showcasing their thinking and expertise.


Specific Product Feature

8% of the samples are featuring a specific product or fund in their hero section.


Awards and Accolades

8% of the samples are using the hero section to tout a recent award or recognition.

50 Hero Samples from the Investment Industry to Inspire You:

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